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Question: Who are the ministers of the Church?

Answer: Easy one…the priest! Is that your final answer? Answer: Um, OK, how about the Bishop? He’s in charge, right? So obviously, he’s the minister. Are you sure about that? Wanna use a lifeline?
The REAL Answer: It may seem like the bishops and priests are the ministers of the church, but that’s not entirely accurate. The Catechism (or Outline of the Faith) in the Book of Common Prayer asks the same question. Here’s the answer they give: The ministers of the Church are lay persons, bishops, priests, and deacons. Yes, the clergy are ministers, but first and foremost, the lay people, unordained, regular folk are the ministers of the church. We believe that God has given each one of us special gifts. Some have gifts that call them into ordained life, but the vast majority of ministers in the Episcopal Church, and especially at St. Nicholas, are lay people! This means you can be a minister too! Feel free to ask them any questions you may have!