Our Patron, St. Nicholas

“The Church of Santa Claus?” Not quite. The real-life Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, was born into a wealthy Christian family at the end of the third century in southern present-day Turkey. His parents died when he was young and he became the Bishop of Myra while still a young man. He was generous to the poor and a special protector of the innocent and wronged. Nicholas is famed as the traditional patron of seafarers and sailors, and more especially, of children. As a bearer of gifts to children, his name was brought to America by the Dutch colonists in New York, from whom he is popularly known as Santa Claus. He died in 346. We celebrate his feast day on December 6th. We do not pray to or worship St. Nicholas, however, we look to his example as we strive to serve the seafarers of life and children of God, as he did through the power of God. To learn more about St. Nicholas, visit www.stnicholascenter.org.