Our Vision & Mission

Our Mission:

In fulfillment of the Great Commission, the mission of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church in Harris County, Georgia is to be an example to the world of Christ’s love for all people. We do this by:

+Being welcoming & inviting of all people.

+Being supportive of our community & engaged in our community.

+Accepting where people are in their journey.

+Helping in any way, spiritually or physically

+Nurturing spiritual growth

+Educating people about who we are, what we do, and what we believe.

Or, to be brief, our mission is to be an example of Christ’s love.

Our Vision:

God’s Dream for us:
St. Nicholas will be the center of nourishment in mind, body, & spirit for all people in our community.

Vivid Description (How we do it):
Out of love for Christ and this community…

  • all will be welcome at God’s table.
  • We will nourish them with thoughtful and vibrant programs for all ages.
  • We will worship God dynamically & contemplatively.
  • We will serve to meet the needs of a hurting world.
  • We will build a campus to facilitate this vision.
  • We will seek resources to make this vision possible.