Adult Formation, Sundays at 9:45am: We gather in the left ante-room to study the books of the Bible and to find the message God has for us therein. These discussions tend to lead to other theological points and questions, which enrich our understanding and bring us closer to God. We will take a break in the summer months, but gather again in August.

Episcopal 101 (Inquirer’s Class): The Inquirer’s Program at St. Nicholas (Episcopal 101) is a year-long program where newcomers and long-time members can jump on and off to learn more about their faith and the Episcopal Church. Participants must attend 9 out of 12 classes in order to be confirmed/received/reaffirmed. Contact Fr. Jeff Jackson at Here is a typical format of the program:

January: Introduction to St. Nicholas & Episcopal 101

February: Beginnings: Baptism & Confirmation

Confirmations at the Cathedral

March: Bible–Old Testament

April: Bible–New Testament

May: History

Confirmations at the Cathedral

June: Faith

July: The Church

August: Calling

September: Prayer

October: Worship

November: Sacraments

December: Eucharist

Confirmations at the Cathedral