IMG_0859SNICK stands for “St. NICholas Kids!” On Wednesday nights during the school year at 5:30pm, the children of St. Nicholas gather in the nave of the church for their own worship service of prayers and music. The kids learn songs and are asked regularly to sing them in church on Sunday. After worship, we gather for supper, cooked by members of the congregation. Then, we have our program of the night. SNICK functions on a “rotation model,” where children learn about 1 Bible story or tradition for 4 or 5 weeks through a variety of fun and exciting activities.

At SNICK, we’ve done everything from painting dead fish to make prints on bags to building mini-churches out of rocks and sticks. We regularly play games, do art projects, act out Bible stories with costumes or puppets, cook tasty treats, and watch films.

The kids are led by Teen Mentors who are trained and mentored by Fr. Jeff. The Teen Mentors meet at 5:00pm for a time of prayer and devotion before they begin.

If you have any questions about SNICK, contact Fr. Jeff at or Molly Jackson at


The kids paint a Peace Pole.


We took a trip to FOCUS and filled up bags with food!


Our crazy cast of characters!