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The Reverend Jeff Jackson+

Hi! I’m Jeff. You can call me Jeff or Father Jeff, whichever you’re more comfortable saying. I am very excited God has called me to be the rector of St. Nicholas. I came to Harris County in November of 2008, from St. Peter’s on Skidaway Island in Savannah, where I served as Assistant Rector for 5 1/2 years. I grew up in the Southeast, born in Memphis, TN, then spent my early years in eastern Alabama before landing in Augusta, GA, where my family still lives. I received a degree in Religion and Philosophy from Berry College in Rome, then went immediately to Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria, VA where I graduated in 2003. God then called me to St. Peter’s in Savannah, serving under the Rev. Sam Buice, which was a true joy. While at St. Peter’s, I have served in a number of capacities, and am most proud of the work I did to build a strong youth program. Youth ministry is my passion, which I’ve done in a variety of ways for many years. I’ve even done some consulting work with churches on how to build sustainable youth ministries. I also am committed to mission and outreach and love working on new ways to meet needs in the community. I love good music and good worship. I love meeting people and sharing a cup of coffee.

My biggest hobby is reading and collecting comic books. I write a column about the connection between comics and religion at Comicattack.net. I am a music lover and play a little guitar myself. I love artists like Johnny Cash, Ben Folds, Dave Matthews Band, Iron & Wine, Ben Harper, Uncle Tupelo, Over the Rhine, R.E.M., Ryan Adams, Sufjan Stevens, and Counting Crows. I don’t have cable, but I love to watch Doctor Who, Sherlock, and SNL. I love everything from summer blockbusters to independent films. I also enjoy camping and hiking, and I’ve recently rediscovered my love of drawing.

My wife’s name is Molly. She is a vocational mommy. We were both Religion majors at Berry and met and fell in love there. We were married in 2001, and Molly worked hard to put me through seminary. She is a constant source of support and wisdom to me, while also doing the heavy load of tending to our kids 24/7. She loves to read (she’s an expert on Jane Austen), bake (she’s an expert on cakes and cookies), and going on walks with the family.

Tai (pronounced like “Ty”) is our first born. He’s 8 and loves people. He’s in 2nd Grade at Park Elementary. He loves music and is learning to play the piano. He’s super silly and is a great big brother. Recently, he has decided to create his own classical music podcast and write a blog called Tai’s Biograblog.

Bronwyn is 6 and is in Kindergarten at Park. She loves all kinds of girly-girl things, like the color pink and princesses. She’s great at playing mommy with her collection of dolls. She also loves to play with her brothers and run around the house. Her most burgeoning talent is art and she enjoys sitting in the kitchen and drawing pictures.

On February 17, 2009, we welcomed our first native-Harris Countian to the family. Liam is now almost 4 and is the kid who loves to roughhouse. He’s into superheroes and trucks and especially loves dressing up as Spider-man. He loves being able to keep up with his older brother and sister. He mostly loves to run around and wrestle.

We welcomed Grey, our 4th child on April 5, 2011! He is such a good baby, with the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. He does what most toddlers do, sleeping, crawling, laughing, and getting into things. He’s the delight of our lives and the whole family can’t believe what we did before he came.

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