Holy Baptism

We believe that in order to most fully receive the grace of God, one must be reborn through the waters of baptism. Baptism has been the traditional form of initiation and welcome into the church for centuries. It is through this water that we are not only cleansed of previous sin, but literally reborn as a new creation. It’s a chance to start over, but also become an active member of the body of Christ. We are “marked as Christ’s own forever.”

  • Infant baptism: We baptize all people, from newborns to seniors. We do this so that children never know a time where they were not a part of the family of God and the body of Christ. This takes extra work on the part of the congregation, who promises to raise the child along with the parents into the life of the church. We do this typically in a baptismal font by pouring water over the child’s head.
  • Adult baptism: Sometimes, for whatever reason, adult believers may not have been baptized. This is not an embarrassing thing! We welcome anyone who has not been baptized to do so and experience that holy moment. Adult baptism is a real gift, and can be done in the baptismal font with water poured over the adult’s head, or as full immersion if the adult so chooses.