Music at St. Nicholas

Music is an integral element of worship. We recognize that everyone has different musical tastes and we attempt to bridge those tastes to enhance worship. Our music is typically traditional, coming from the Hymnal 1982 and played on our electric organ.

Our Music Director, Wyatt Poe

We have a full-time Choir! The Choir gathers on Wednesday evenings at 6:30pm for rehearsal, and warms up on Sunday mornings before the 11:00am service. Currently, the Choir sings at the 11:00am service and other special services. This is a quickly growing ministry at St. Nicholas, and is open to all! Jump in anytime. To do so, contact our Director of Music, Wyatt Poe at

Music Requests
We want your input! Please list below your favorite hymns, spirituals, worship songs, genres, instruments, anthems, or styles. If in the 1982 Hymnal, please list the Hymn number along with the title of the hymn, for instance “Hymn 671 Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound.” We will include your requests as they best fit into the themes of the Lessons and seasons of the Church year, and denote them as a request from the congregation. Thanks for your help!