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Lenten Series Meditations: Friday, February 27

February 27, 2015 by  


The Blind Man by John H. Winsness

Lent is a season of reflection – a season for growth.  We have biblical text that we use during Lent to carry us on the journey to Easter.

The period of Lent is the time that we identify the acts of Christ that reveal his connection to God.

One of the stories of Lent is how Jesus made the blind man see.  We are really impressed by this power.  But, have we missed something?

In the story of the blind man, Jesus is asked: What caused the man to be blind? Had his parents sinned or had he sinned?

Jesus’ answer was “Neither.”

Yet we still cling to the doctrine of “Original Sin.”  When we read the story of the Garden of Eden, we forget that the writers of this story were living in the time when all things, good or bad, happened because God had a hand in all events.

In the Old Testament, God is initially understood as a punishing God. The Old Testament understanding of God grows until, in Isaiah, God becomes a “Loving Father”.

The God that Jesus reveals is also a loving Father.

We cling to the concept of original sin, even though Jesus says that this is not true.  The Garden of Eden story is not about the sinfulness of man – it is a story about man taking on responsibility for our lives.  When we eat the apple, we have grown up and take on responsibility for our lives. We were supposed to eat the apple – to grow up and become adults.

Like a good parent, God holds on to us until we are strong enough to pull away.  The good news is that God is a loving father that does not abandon us.

We cannot be Peter Pan – Peter sings, “I’ll never grow up, I’ll never grow up …. ”

We cling to the concept of original sin because that way it is not our fault.

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